silent bob

We went to SDCC, y’all! It’s our very special Nerd Prom episode: recap, news, and walkin’ the floor. 

Recorded 7.29.14

Kevin Smith’s new movie, Tusk, made its trailer debut.
Does anyone need to see folks cosplaying Pennywise? No?
What about famous people cosplaying so they can walk the floor?
There was the Game of Thrones blooper reel. And casting news.
How about Batman vs. Superman sneak peek?
We’re excited for Outlander (but not about having to get Starz to watch).
There’s a new Hobbit trailer…and this photo happened.

hobbit photo

The Walking Dead gang is back together. And fucking with the wrong people.
One of the best things we saw was the Mad Max teaser!
And we’re pleased to see the SDCC community taking harassment seriously. Let nerds be nerds, yo.
And finally, we are beyond excited for the gorgeous Book of Life trailer!

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