About Your Loverly Hosts

Lisa Jenkins
I have a level 82 Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft.  I saw Lord of the Rings – each movie – at least 5 times in the theater.  Kara Thrace & Her Special Destiny is more to me than a bad cover band.  I kinda kick ass at Trivial Pursuit.  If the name Joss Whedon is attached to it, I’m there.  I started wearing glasses in the 1st grade.  I have a plan for The Impending Zombie Apocalypse (but am always up for further discussion).  I read like it’s my job.

Yeah, I’m a nerd.  And I LOVE nerds, regardless the flavor of their nerdom…tho I love ripping on them at least as much as I love them.  đŸ˜‰

I live in LA, work in the entertainment business, and sometimes still wear glasses.


Ritzy Periwinkle
Did I choose a microscope prize on the DL when I was in elementary school? Check! Full blown nerd? Nah, more like “exhibits nerd tendencies”. When there’s something I love, I totally nerd out on it.

Creative Director/Designer/Artist/Solopreneur/Podcast Host/Magical MF Warrior of The Supernatural Bear.

Bung Bung

P.S. I am not a civilian



The Ya’ Heard Show (R.I.P).