Guest post by Tomas Lambert

Planning to ditch your current smartphone? Since 2013 has an abundance of high-end devices, it would be really hard to choose which one is perfect, especially if you are a fan of mobile phone gaming. If you are scouting for the best smartphones on the market, we have an arsenal of the top-notch phones for you to choose from.

HTC One. HTC’s newest flagship phone is far more than its beautiful exteriors. Its 4.7 inch display is designed with a full HD resolution that offers sharp and crisp display. The HTC One has refined a lot of essential features such as its sound quality and camera resolution. Since HTC is known for its really good smartphones, you don’t need to worry about encountering lags and really slow touch responses while aiming to ace pocketfruity’s Spaced Out. Several HTC mobile phone owners really recommend this newest unit, if you are really looking for a premium device that won’t disappoint you.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Everyone got pretty hyped when this newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy series was released earlier this year. The S4’s LCD display resolution as well as its sensitive touch screen is said to be similar to or even better than the iPhone 5’s. Apart from its incomparable LCD resolution, the S4 has multiple lock screen widgets, compared to other smart devices which have only one. Samsung S4 is available in two different colors: Black Mist and White Frost.

Apple iPhone 5. The latest smartphone from Apple came in with new features, including the improved version of Apple’s voice assistance, Siri. This app provides more detailed information and suggests various apps for your everyday needs. It has also added new options in its camera application as well as included more security to its data settings.

Sony Xperia Z. This mobile phone has dared to showcase its 5 inch full HD display, getting an edge against HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Sony Xperia 4 is said to be lighter and more efficient in terms of battery life; another opportunity for you to have longer play time.