Some Comic pre-Con (what should we check out?), Roy Choi adoration, good/bad/too much TV, and mad ginger love. 

Recorded July 11, 2013

San Diego Comic Con…so much goodness!

…Find us via Twitter (@thenerdout) and let’s hook up for photos, interviews, big hugs, and sloppy kisses (especially if you’re a gem of a ginger).

We are BIG food nerds and one of our idols is Roy Choi. Ritzy checked out his new 3 Worlds Cafe and we geek out on how rad he is.
We’re pretty huge Food Is The New Rock fans. Check it out.
Fanfic writer Vendetta Lee now has Lisa watching Teen Wolf. Effu.
Outlander. Nerds, get ready to discuss this one for the next year.