Episode 1

Inaugural Episode, Nerd Confessions, X-Men, Neil Gaiman not Neil Diamond and more.

Recorded 6.23.11

Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6
Group Shot of Ritzy P’s Star Wars Cards
Hobbit photos
The Best Game of Thrones fansite
Bite Club Show
Generation Kill
Lisa on GoodReads
Neil Gaiman
Sandman comics

The Maze Runner


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Okay…Ritzy is officially the coolest nerd I know. Amazeballs!

(And I like “um” a lot. Stay tuned for future episodes, when I trot out some “like”‘s and “totally”‘s.)

Great nerdout, you definitely turned me on too GoodReads. I’ve been looking for a no web design book to read and I may just watch Lord of the Rings this long weekend!

I love it. Hearing ladies nerd out is rad. You both are great. Lisa you have an awesome “radio / podcast” voice.

Good luck and I will spread the word.


Ron, you are very kind. I also have a face for radio/podcast, as the gag goes. Thank you for listening! 🙂
– LJ aka TI

Yes, yes! Thanks to Alan Ball for being gay…and thanks for the nerd out hotness! Ritzy – I’m strickly dickly too, but I’m with you about Pam! Lisa – welcome to the mile high club! giggle…

Thanks for listening Bobby! Strictly Dickly Crew in full effect!!! What’s the initial of your last name Bobby? Is it a B? So I can say “Bobby B!” like Maya’s impression of Whiteny on SNL. -RP

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