Ep 65 – This Is My Bitch Right Here

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Mud runs, wet dreams, and all the Fall TV you can watch…back in action!

Recorded 9.28.15 @ TNO HQ aka Ritzy’s Garage

Did you miss us? Hell, we missed each other! We spared you the deep, personal updates and launched right into the fun stuff….

T.I. did a mud run.IMG_5153
Ritzy had a sexy dream about Tom Hiddleston and Officially Gets It.
Tired of trailers giving everything away? You’re not alone, but there’s no end in sight.
Peeno Noir: An Ode to Black Penis.
Ritzy’s Pinterest ZA board. And Survival Mom! All resources you’ll need for the ZA.

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Episode 37 – with Luke Chueh: Metal Just Wasn’t Getting Me Laid


We are proud TV addicts in our big, beary podcast with special guest Luke Chueh! 

Recorded August 21, 2013

Luke’s website, Twitter, Facebook. Check out his show in LA – Random Acts of Sadness – til September 7th.
Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins – fuck, marry, kill with Ritzy’s joke-delivery guru.
See Dave Grohl’s Sound City and know your music roots, kids. And The Impossible (but bring a hankie). And throw in some of BBC’s Orphan Black.
…but do NOT see The Canyons. (Still highly suggest this great read: Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie.)
You don’t need to be drunk to watch Drunk History on Comedy Channel…but you might need to be for ICP Theater.
Watch the Oldboy trailer.