Ep 75 -with Shane Jessup: Bug Spray Meets Spray Paint Meets Sunscreen

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.40.45 PM

Friend & Familia Shane Jessup aka Ginger Snappers joins us to talk art, graphic design, TV, movies, and Psylocke hotness. 

Recorded 8.25.16 at The Dons Studio

Check out the super cool wall Shane just worked on and we discuss the first 1/4 of the episode….
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.46.09 PMAnd the awesome books he’s worked on, including The History of Graffiti, a few awesome Sanrio books, and lots more!
Plus Shane on Instagram and his website.
Coming up: Highland Park Indie Film Fest which features the Army of Snipers crew.
An Open Letter to Warner Bros: hey WB, let’s listen.
Penny Dreadful is awesome. Check it out.

Episode 48 – Nonchalant about shit


All about That Walking Dead Episode, Spartans & Greeks & Persians: oh my!, taking cosplay to a new level, and Ritzy (finally) feels the Benedict Cumberbatch tingles. 

Recorded 3.21.14

Going to Comic Con? Going to the first-ever SDCC fashion show?
The battle of Thermopylae. Best battle ever.
DVDASA, our new podcast peeps! Check out David Cho on Smodcast, and Kevin Smith returning the favor by showing up to DVDASA.

Episode 43 – The Ho Ho Hollerdays

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Ho ho ho…ho’s! Last ep of year. We attend Hollywood Babble On: have a John Hughes moment in the bathroom, don’t get our letter read, and Lisa gets drunk. A good time is had by all. We nerd out on Godzilla, SciFi, Sherlock, and – naturally! – much more.

Recorded 12.19.13

The episode of Hollywood Babble On that we attended.
Coming soon: Washington DC’s Museum of SciFi. We want it!
Goddamn, we are excited for Godzilla.
Sherlock makes you smarter. We think you should make a resolution to watch/catch up in 2014!
Check out Roy Choi’s book. We love him.
Telltale is developing a Game of Thrones game!
Tom Colicchio on Food is the New Rock