Episode 42 – Eating Slim Jims & Shit


In honor of Douglas Adams! We spend most of the ep discussing The Walking Dead mid-season finale, but also see see movies and TV, and also dead people. 

Recorded 12.3.13

We’re going to Hollywood Babble On…finally! Our podcast inspiration!
Twenty Rangers For 20 Years – awesome Power Rangers art show in LA.
We met Christabel Nsiah-Buadi and she interviewed Michonne right on the cusp of her Walking Dead appearance…we love them both.
Check out the French “zombie” series, The Returned. It’s on our DVR/to do lists.
…and you MUST watch Sherlock! FINALLY coming back!
The Walking Dead. Wow. TV Without Pity is our fave forum if you want to chat with other fans.


Episode 41 – Don’t Make Ritzy Sad


DCon, Walking Dead (of course!), superheroes, moves like Jagger, bird watching, and some blooooood-sucking.

Recorded 11.20.14

Ritzy did some DCon.
The Walking Dead…RIP Billy Hardwick.
Simon Baker has moves like Jagger. Serious Mick Off.
Bird Jizz; it’s the word. One way to take it.
Marvel has a villain problem. We’re up all night to get Loki.
Lisa loves Dracula…you watching?

Episode 40 – Shame Boner



Jizm, m’lady! DCon, Team Carol vs. Team Rick, Disneyland, Daylight Savings, and the one-two Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch punch. 

Recorded 11.6.13

Who hit DCon? Bent Con?
Daylight Savings + Kids = trouble
Paul F. Thompkins & Katee Sackhoff are awesome.
NBD: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller doing Frankenstein.
Did you need to see Kevin Smith’s O face?
Entomology of the word JIZM. I mean…we’re here to deliver the academia, folks.
Tom Hiddleston dances! (And a little bonus for the Hiddleston fans: Why Tom Hiddleston is a Disney Prince.)
Why aren’t the Walking Dead actors more famous? Story in Hollywood Reporter.

Episode 39 – Can’t go cold turkey in the Zapocalypse!


Jar Jar, Cumberbitches, Fall TV season, Chris Hardwick = cylon, nerdy art, novel writing, and sundry murder & mayhem…all in a day’s work.

Recorded 10.23.13

DCon is happening! November 9-10 in Pasadena. It’s awesome, hit us up if you’re going and we can hang. Don’t miss Ritzy’s inclusion in 99 Deaths of Jar Jar.
Cumberbitches on Reddit. Are you one? Check Cumberbatch out in his AMAZING Reddit AMA.
Tom Hiddleston? Gem of a ging.
hiddlestonNuclear Gallery Big Bang Theory exhibit…RAD!
In LA? Take a lurid, disturbing, and very awesome Esotouric tour.
One of Chris Hardwick’s clones will be on @midnight. The cylons look like us now….
Anyone want to join Lisa in NaNoWriMo? Let’s write a novel in November! The Night Circus, Like Water for Elephants, and many more novels got their start here. Hit us up on social media if you want to be writing buddies!
We love The Avett Brothers. Check ’em out on their site, and Ritzy suggests starting with one of the live albums.

Episode 38 – with Leslie Gornstein:Everyone’s gotta have that one werewolf homeboy

cookie monster

Special guest Leslie Gornstein aka The Fame Fatale schools us on all things media (and maybe wears her Star Trek uniform). New Fall TV season, gender & pop culture, and the finer points of the Whedonverse. 

Recorded 9.26.13

Our special guest Leslie is The Fame Fatale…on Twitter and Facebook. She’s awesome and you should follow her.
To read: The Book of Lost Things.
We can never resist a plug for Hollywood Babble On, our favorite podcast.
Rawk me, bawdy shawp!
Our pal Luke Cheuh is on James Deen Loves Food.
For Leslie: What to play until new Dragon Age? Help us out! (Aside from Spiderweb Software?)

Episode 37 – with Luke Chueh: Metal Just Wasn’t Getting Me Laid


We are proud TV addicts in our big, beary podcast with special guest Luke Chueh! 

Recorded August 21, 2013

Luke’s website, Twitter, Facebook. Check out his show in LA – Random Acts of Sadness – til September 7th.
Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins – fuck, marry, kill with Ritzy’s joke-delivery guru.
See Dave Grohl’s Sound City and know your music roots, kids. And The Impossible (but bring a hankie). And throw in some of BBC’s Orphan Black.
…but do NOT see The Canyons. (Still highly suggest this great read: Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie.)
You don’t need to be drunk to watch Drunk History on Comedy Channel…but you might need to be for ICP Theater.
Watch the Oldboy trailer.

Top 3 Smart Devices For Mobile Gaming

Guest post by Tomas Lambert

Planning to ditch your current smartphone? Since 2013 has an abundance of high-end devices, it would be really hard to choose which one is perfect, especially if you are a fan of mobile phone gaming. If you are scouting for the best smartphones on the market, we have an arsenal of the top-notch phones for you to choose from.

HTC One. HTC’s newest flagship phone is far more than its beautiful exteriors. Its 4.7 inch display is designed with a full HD resolution that offers sharp and crisp display. The HTC One has refined a lot of essential features such as its sound quality and camera resolution. Since HTC is known for its really good smartphones, you don’t need to worry about encountering lags and really slow touch responses while aiming to ace pocketfruity’s Spaced Out. Several HTC mobile phone owners really recommend this newest unit, if you are really looking for a premium device that won’t disappoint you.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Everyone got pretty hyped when this newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy series was released earlier this year. The S4’s LCD display resolution as well as its sensitive touch screen is said to be similar to or even better than the iPhone 5’s. Apart from its incomparable LCD resolution, the S4 has multiple lock screen widgets, compared to other smart devices which have only one. Samsung S4 is available in two different colors: Black Mist and White Frost.

Apple iPhone 5. The latest smartphone from Apple came in with new features, including the improved version of Apple’s voice assistance, Siri. This app provides more detailed information and suggests various apps for your everyday needs. It has also added new options in its camera application as well as included more security to its data settings.

Sony Xperia Z. This mobile phone has dared to showcase its 5 inch full HD display, getting an edge against HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Sony Xperia 4 is said to be lighter and more efficient in terms of battery life; another opportunity for you to have longer play time.

Episode 36 – Comic Con: 2 of my favorite people

We went to Comic Con! Movies, TV, toys, parties, pretty people, Ritzy channeling Gene Simmons, and too much crowd….

Recorded July 26, 2013

SDCC Cosplay = biggest nerds, total rockstars.
Batman vs Superman! The Dark Knight Returns…finally on screen?
Loki crashes the Marvel panel! Awesomeness ensues!
Things nobody cares about at Comic Con.
Things nobody cares about for MTV’s terrible nerd series.

Episode 35 – Premature Comic Conjaculation

Some Comic pre-Con (what should we check out?), Roy Choi adoration, good/bad/too much TV, and mad ginger love. 

Recorded July 11, 2013

San Diego Comic Con…so much goodness!

…Find us via Twitter (@thenerdout) and let’s hook up for photos, interviews, big hugs, and sloppy kisses (especially if you’re a gem of a ginger).

We are BIG food nerds and one of our idols is Roy Choi. Ritzy checked out his new 3 Worlds Cafe and we geek out on how rad he is.
We’re pretty huge Food Is The New Rock fans. Check it out.
Fanfic writer Vendetta Lee now has Lisa watching Teen Wolf. Effu.
Outlander. Nerds, get ready to discuss this one for the next year.


Episode 34 – Much Ado About Stalking

Much Ado About Stalking, Dick In A Box, Hannibal, Don Draper vs Peggy, new MySpace, summer movies, and TV both underrated & cancelled.

Recorded 6.14.13

Before we get all NSFW, how about Nancy B’s Science Club? For the smart young ladies in your life.
MySpace is new (yet) again!
San Diego Comic Con has a toy map for you. See ya there?
We figured out where Joss Whedon lives, based on the awesome Much Ado About Nothing filmed at his home (and with a little help from Google).  Yes, we’re stalkers. Don’t let that scare you away from this gorgeous interpretation. Viva Joss!
Chronicle is an entertaining movie.
You can watch Hannibal in a million places for free: Hulu, Amazon, NBC, etc. Best new series in a while. Do it.
The Killing, too…you will need to hit Netflix.