Ep 55 – Gotta Support No Matter What


Star Wars, Roy Choi, food, TV, and a kinda massive catch-up!

Recorded 8.23.14

Star Wars Land at Disneyland?
We heart Roy Choi!
Book of Life toys!
ALS (in case you live under a rock), plus Hiddleston!
New Kevin Smith movie news!
Why Outlander is the feminist adventure badass TV show you should watch.

Ep 54 – Walk The Floor

silent bob

We went to SDCC, y’all! It’s our very special Nerd Prom episode: recap, news, and walkin’ the floor. 

Recorded 7.29.14

Kevin Smith’s new movie, Tusk, made its trailer debut.
Does anyone need to see folks cosplaying Pennywise? No?
What about famous people cosplaying so they can walk the floor?
There was the Game of Thrones blooper reel. And casting news.
How about Batman vs. Superman sneak peek?
We’re excited for Outlander (but not about having to get Starz to watch).
There’s a new Hobbit trailer…and this photo happened.

hobbit photo

The Walking Dead gang is back together. And fucking with the wrong people.
One of the best things we saw was the Mad Max teaser!
And we’re pleased to see the SDCC community taking harassment seriously. Let nerds be nerds, yo.
And finally, we are beyond excited for the gorgeous Book of Life trailer!

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Ep 53 – That’s Comic Con

hey girl

Comic Con a-comin’ and so are we! We break down our sched: parties, things we wanna see, and WTF to wear. Plus Ritzy’s Zac Efron crush, the latest on our beloved Kevin Smith, not letting go of The Walking Dead, and more!

Friday night @ SDCC we’ll be hitting the Rock The Con Tribal Streetwear/Gunner Gunner party before heading to Hollywood Babble On @ House of Blues. There will be Kevin Smith stalking.
Plus: new Kevin Smith Tusk poster debuts.
Who’s watching the new Halle Berry TV show?
New Dilated Peoples music, video, and album coming soon! Check out the cool limited edition package.
And Lisa highly recommends the new Old 97s album, Most Messed Up.

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Ep 52 – Beat up some homeless people, smoke some crack, and f@*k Lindsay Lohan


We hammer a nail in Game of Thrones S4 and discuss what we’re watching next (hint: mermaids are real), plus a big ole roundup of World Cup, Zac Efron, and breaking a sweat. And hey: apologies for the sound quality!

Recorded June 26, 2014

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Game of Thrones Warrior Name…what’s yours? The Disgraced and The Virgin want to know!
Watching the World Cup? Check out Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s FIFA coverage – hilarious.
Lisa is training for a 5k…wanna join? Any advice?
NWA biopic. Niggaz4Life y’all.
5 things you need to know about The Leftovers. Are you watching?
MERMAIDS NOW. There are not words for this. We just…we can’t even.

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Ep 51 – Hainese Chicken In Your Mouth

photoThe Nerd Out Gang hits the road on a Hainese Chicken Quest! Plus Roy Choi and guava cheese pot pies, getting sucker-punched by sad movies, A Guide to X-Men Movies, and the Big 4-0!

Recorded 6.4.14

Hainese Chicken with Rice! We took a field trip with some Nerd Out pals – Luke, Kano, Rolf, Ash – to The Green Zone in San Gabriel Valley, to capture the awesomeness of HCwR (which Ritzy had in Singapore and is dying to have Stateside). Please see our reaction shots to dinner, above.
Ritzy also ate The Best Thing Ever, Guava Cheesecake, at Roy Choi‘s Pot.
Instructions Not Included. Nor are tissues or Prozac.
Snoop and Seth Rogan get high and talk Game of Thrones.

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Ep 50 – with Charlotte Stokely: I’m a Porn Star!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.09.27 PM


It’s our 50th episode with Charlotte Stokely! We talk sex, superheroes, D&D, and the best of pop culture. (Midlife crisis, eat your heart out.) 

Recorded 5.8.14

Check out our friend Charlotte online and on Twitter.
Jimmy Fallon & Emma Stone have a kind of amazing lip-sync-off. (How rad is her dress?)
Zak Smith is a rad DM, and we want to invite ourselves.
Billy On The Street!
What Charlotte loves: Battlestar Galactica, X Files, Fringe, Switched at Birth.
Baby Lit! Best books for smart ‘rents.
The same 4 or 5 questions we ask everyone: Thor, itty bitty race cars, dinosaurs, redneck, TuPac. We don’t mess with married men. Thanks, Charlotte.

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Episode 49 – Wasting No Time Throwing Him in Some Tank Tops & Shit



We survive Coachella Weekend 1 with a lil’ dose of Jared Leto. Los Planetas, Sket One does Darth Vader, and general sleep deprivation. 

Recorded 4.14.14

Los Planetas live in concert!
Sket One’s Our Father Darth Vader. Is. Amazing.
See and meet Ritzy at the awesome annual Eat Your Art Out. Orrrr see her at “Music In Our Paint.” That’s gonna be amazing. We will be there, let us know if you’re coming!
Chris Evans on Jimmy Fallon…as Jimmy says, “If you’ve ever wanted to hear stories of how a young Chris Evans tore down a bunch of wallpaper (and blamed his brother) and managed to misbehave so badly that he failed to see ‘Ace Ventura’ three times, this is your lucky day.”
Ritzy finally finished Kevin Smith’s book!
RIP TV Without Pity.

Episode 48 – Nonchalant about shit


All about That Walking Dead Episode, Spartans & Greeks & Persians: oh my!, taking cosplay to a new level, and Ritzy (finally) feels the Benedict Cumberbatch tingles. 

Recorded 3.21.14

Going to Comic Con? Going to the first-ever SDCC fashion show?
The battle of Thermopylae. Best battle ever.
DVDASA, our new podcast peeps! Check out David Cho on Smodcast, and Kevin Smith returning the favor by showing up to DVDASA.

Episode 47 – Burning Question

fictionalcharactersTormented by hot fictional characters, overwhelmed by things on TV, dying to get your SCIENCE on? We are here for you. 

Recorded 2.26.14

Hit us up if you want some stickers!
Zapocalypse burning question: If someone is shot ink the head, do they still come back as zombies? Help!
Holler for Cosmos.
Burning, insanely nerdy question: If you could have sex with any fictional character, who would it be? Please see our collage, above, detailing some of our reader – and your loverly hostesses’ – submissions. We still would love to hear your thoughts, leave them on our Facebook page….

Episode 46 – Hershel’s Zombie Head

justice-league-zack-snyderAll hail the return of The Walking Dead! And that ONE question we want you to answer. Plus King of the Nerds, The Returned, SNL, Disclosure & lots more. 

Recorded 2.14.14

We’re on Instagram, nerds!
Okay, our BURNING question: WHAT FICTIONAL CHARACTER WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH? Post in comments. We are debating this one for a cage match on next episode.
Not only do we love the Jaguar Super Bowl commercial, but we found out “friend of podcast” Milland Raval worked on it. Holler!
Is the Batman v Superman movie delay because they are actually filming a Justice League movie? Or both back to back?
Lisa is watching King of the Nerds. It’s terrible. Can’t…avert…eyes….
Jim Parsons will be hosting SNL! Ritzy is so excited.
We LOVE French TV show The Returned. Catch a marathon/repeats on Sundance channel.
Disclosure with Sam Smith – new Nerd Out fave.
Paper, the new Facebook app, is awesome.

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