Episode 19 with Author Chris Farnsworth

Super special guest, author Chris Farnsworth, joins us to talk about his newest President’s Vampire tale, “Red, White & Blood”…plus lots of other writerly, pop culture-y, and monstery stuff. Plus we bend it like Fassbender, drink the Ice T, and get It on. Big ups to our home town, Whale’s Vagina.


Recorded 6.15.12

Chris Farnsworth’s site. Learn about the books, read his awesome blog posts, and check out his awesome short story about Saturday Night Live and the zombie apocalypse. Wish we had more time to talk!
Artist Chip Kidd makes us want to judge a book by its cover.
We LOVE the new Sherlock. You should watch.
Listener Gary suggests Marjorie Lui for our summer nerdy read-a-thon. Lisa is going to read and get back to you. Thanks for the recommendation! Keep ’em coming.
The Family Cullen. Rob Pattinson is so over it.
The Art of Rap! Ice T’s new hip hop doc. We gotta see it. Got 99 Problems? Check out the OG.
It is back. It scares us.
RIP, Ray Bradbury.
The last scene of the last Mad Men…genius and magical.


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LADIES!!! Listening to latest ep. now, and have to say – when I was in Vegas in July, I stopped by Deja Vu Love Boutique with my friends and we were STUNNED and AMAZED to see weird fantasy role-play sex toys that came with liquid fake ‘vomit’ or ‘blood’ that could be injected into toy to spurt out! Even fake green ‘pus’. Gross, huh? Also, many items in a ‘bug chaser’ theme (which I googled: Bug-chasers are those who seek out sexual liasons with infected or ill partners)- like all sorts or warty, twisted, decaying type things!

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