Episode 6








The Nerd Out numero six with your fave nerdy chicks.  

Recorded 8.30.11

Discussed: comic conventions and the obscure stars who love them, the fear/thrill of cosplay, charming+slimy*evil/hot=Colin Farrell, 2D vs 3D, Marty & Elayne, the joy (?!) of Fall TV…and shootin’ guns.  

Steve Jobs – love him, hate him, can’t deny the genius. Stay strong, Steve.
Mister D aka The Mayor aka World’s Biggest Kid attended Comic Book & SciFi Convention and got a sweet Dyna Girl photo.





Marty & Elayne documentary…viva!
Warehouse 13
Terra Nova
Sign up for LAX Firing Range‘s newsletter and get 50% off a session!  Practice makes perfect for the IZA, people.
It may not be zombies, exactly…but something wants to eat your brain.
Lisa’s dilema: .38 special (real life) vs. Sig Sauer (sweet MFin’ killer of the undead)?

WHAT?  You haven’t weighed in on the Impending Zombie Apocalypse?  Whatcha gonna do? Who ya gonna call? Weapon of choice?  Email or Tweet us or leave us a comment…we must be prepared for our IZA episode.



Add Yours

Yes, Kelly is a “Dude” and I do listen to your podcasts. Great show (even if I did have to share air time with that other dude, Collin). Thanks for the mention of our in progress documentary about the fabulous Marty and Elayne and the Dresden. They are still playing and last April was their 30th anniversary at the Dresden. In the past few weeks I have shot interviews with the incredible singer, Michael Feinstein, who often stops in and sings with M&E and the fantastic Jazz trumpet king, Terence Blanchard, who also sits in with M&E and will be shooting other interesting people that go to the Dresden. Hope to run into you two at the Dresden sometime.

Zombie prep – as for weaponry, anything belt-fed is definitely recommended but generally complicated to get your hands on. Otherwise the standard load out in these parts is AR-15 and Glock sidearm (Sig Sauer is a perfectly respectable substitute). Given a rule that head parts must be removed by a distance of no less than 36″ from the torso to reach 100% effectiveness a high-velocity rifle round works wonders on the suckers.

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